Sunday 23 July 2006

Lathkill Cave, Lathkill Dale, Derbyshire

The idea was to attempt a through trip from the resurgence to top entrance.  This can only be done in drought conditions so we hoped that after many weeks of very dry weather it would be possible.
We rigged top entrance for our exit and then walked down the valley and entered the system at the lower entrance.  None of the cave is easy going.  Most of the passage is flat out crawling and everything is covered in a thick layer of sticky dark brown mud.  The cave feels gloomy and uninviting.  After about half an hour we were forced to turn back where the way on was flooded and would have required helmets to be removed and noses to be pressed to the roof.

We then went back and dropped into top entrance to explored the nicely decorated Waiting Room and Lathkiller Hall.

PresentKEd & BMa

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