Sunday 2 July 2006

Ogof Fechan, South Wales

The clue was in the name "Small Cave", but with 1km of passage, it was one to be ticked off. Picking one of the hottest days of the year and praying to avoid thunderstorms we set off to explore this 'sporting streamway' The cave is formed in gently dipping bedding planes often following bands of washed out shale. The cave is very flood prone with much debris in the entrance passages and further into the cave the walls and roof covered with silt. The route follows the stream, but you often have to climb up over collapses. A long silted up flat out canal brings you to sump one, where a sporting duck with a rope handline leads you to the sump bypass. A exhibition in comedy climbing techniques followed as we tackled the 15 foot tight chimney up into the rift passage that bypasses the sump. A large oppressive passage is gained before it reduces in size and sump 2 is gained.
Mark Rollinson in a crawl in Ogof Fechan.

Mark Rollinson in the Ogof Fechan streamway.

PresentBMa, MRo & CWe

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