Saturday 1 December 2007

Ogof Draenen

This was to have been a trip to Craig A Ffynnon, but without a key for either this or Agen Allwedd we turned our attnetion to Draenen. Intermittent very heavy rain outside the made the entrance series a little moist in places so there was no chance of our party overheating. The rope climb down into the main cave provided a sporting diversion for our damp group of intrepid cavers and raised the adrenalin levels of some members. Once we were all safely down we headed to Gilwern Passage. At the boulder choke we spilt the party, with Brendan returning and taking photos with one group while Keith took the rest to continue to the Hearts of Olden Glory Streamway. We all met up at Wonder Bra Bypass and headed out together.

Jessica viewing formations in Gilwern Passage.

James viewing formations in Gilwern Passage.

Heather by the cascade inlet in Gilwern Passage.

Heather in Wonderbra Bypass.

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The team: KeEd, JaHa, JeHa, BrMa, HeSi & ChWe

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