Sunday 16 December 2007

Peak Cavern, Castleton

The trip was to be to Neil Moss Chamber and we made an uneventful progress through the muddy ducks to the start of Pickering's Crawl that leads to the Chamber. Brendan being navigationally challenged missed a squeeze up and continued to lead the more gullible in the party through some horrendous squeezes into a long crawl following a howling draught. (After looking on the survey later, there should be some reasonable sized passages / chambers there to look at on a future trip). John and Graham were having nothing to do with this and waited while we returned. The climbs up the mud banks now followed with people taking one step forwards and two backwards fighting their way up the slippy banks. Horizontal squeezes up in the air and rope climbs followed to add interest and sport to the trip. Everyone got through even if they had to have a couple of goes. A break was taken in Neil Moss Chamber followed by some photos, before we made the easier down hill return to Pickering's Passage. Having plenty of time to spare we then went to the Surprise View. A trip down to the sump was made before we headed back out the cave and froze as we headed back to the TSG hut.

The impressive phreatic section of the main streamway.

The group assembled on the calcite slope in Moss Chamber.

John Smith views the formations in Moss Chamber.

John Smith climbs the calcite slope in Moss Chamber.

The team: JeHa, BrMa, CaNo, HeSi, GrSm & JoSm

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