Saturday 26 April 2008

Dan Yr Ogof, Swansea Valley, South Wales, The Lost Tackle Bag Trip

The aim of the trip was to take some photos between the pitch down into the Great North Road and North Aven. However about an hour or so into the trip I was pushing a tackle bag in front of me in a 'hands and knees' crawl. Suddenly the bag disappeared from view and I heard, "Bang, crash, wallop, crash, crash, biff, bang, wallop, wallop, SPLASH." The bag had fallen down a 10 metre rift and into a pool at the bottom. We tried to retrieve the bag, but the pool was brown and muddy and very quickly became too deep to feel the bottom, i.e. the bag was totally lost and beyond retrieval. This not only totally screwed up the trip as we needed the tackle in the bag (2 full SRT kits, spare batteries, food and drink) to get up and down pitches, but the bag also contained my ONE AND ONLY car key! We had no alternative but to abandon the trip and exit the cave - back through the long crawl and the lakes. 

The Team: KeEd, BrMa, DeRo & ChWe

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