Sunday 13 April 2008

Llanelly Quarry Pot, Clydach Gorge, South Wales

The entrance consists of a drop down a 10 metre very tight awkward rift impassable to 'persons of larger than average build' which is much more difficult on the way out! This is followed by a small stream which leads to a 20 metre pitch. This leads to a boulder floored chamber where a 5 metre climb down an excavated 5 metre shaft leads to a small inlet stream which feeds the main Midsummer Night's Dream Streamway. We explored the streamway between Ryan's Duck upstream to Hammer Passage downstream. The expedition went very smoothly with everyone managing to climb up the entrance rift in a reasonable time, but ask Brendan if he enjoyed his trip.
Jessica in the Midsummer Nights Dream Streamway.

Rachel in the Midsummer Nights Dream Streamway.

The Totem Pole formation in the Midsummer Nights Dream Streamway.

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The Team: KeEd, JeHa and BrMa + Richard & Rachael from WMCEG

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