Sunday 22 November 2009

Ogof Dydd Byraf

Saturday 21st November 2009
Brendan and I were invited by Heather to join a NWCC dig in ODB.  It's a good caving trip just getting to the dig site via ladder pitches, traverses, boulder chokes and crawls.
The dig is in the roof of a large phreatic tube which descends steeply and then levels out.  It is currently approximately 30 metres long.
Unfortunately there is no air flow in the dig and carbon dioxide accumulates in the bottom and after about 3 hours digging and 2 metres of progress we had to abandon operations.
The dig team:  Brendan, Heather and Keith + members of NWCC, CCPC and Craven PC.


  1. You were able to go digging in that weather? I'm impressed!

  2. The dig was completely dry. Other than that it very similar to the Brickworks.