Monday 16 November 2009

Ogof Cnwc

A quick trip to Busman's Holiday in Daren Cilau via the alternative Ogof Cnwc (Price's Dig) entrance. Plenty of muddy crawling and awkward squeezing, but this entrance series is much less painful than the other option.

Present: KE, BM, CW


  1. My lawn is still recovering from the volume of mud I brought back from Cnwc to deposit on it!

  2. Fortunately I had Mr Edwards clean my gear for me. Came back all fresh smelling and neatly folded. Unfortunately now all muddied up after digging in North Wales!

  3. The Astra spent another night in South Wales after someone drove off with my car key stashed amongst their caving gear.

  4. I thought I'd spare you from a mention of that in the trip report: wouldn't want people thinking you have a more general problem with car keys whenever we visit South Wales!