Monday 3 May 2010

The Brickworks Dig

Whilst in South Wales this weekend I decided to lift off the tin lid to the Brickworks Dig and venture down to see what state things were in after the long wet summer and winter lay off. Despite heavy rain in the night, the dig was relatively dry. The conveyor belt was completely dry down to the cross rift and you could see right to the dig face. A few inches of water were held behind the sand bag retaining wall we had built, with the last twelve feet as you approach the dig face being a static pool. No significant collapses had occurred while we have been away. Inspecting the dig face indicates that there is definitely a passage on the left, two feet of clear passage roof can be seen, that reflects the roof of the main passage. Ahead the wall continues to dip and probably continues, but spoil and water prevent you seeing this conclusively. New pumps, some dry weather and a little enthusiasm may see some progress in the dig this year!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for looking. This is very good news. Hopefully next weekend will be dry and we will be able to make some progress.