Friday 30 April 2010

Yorkshire caving , May Bank Holiday Weekend

Flushed with enthusiasm after successful rigging for both ladders and SRT, Mark and I went up to Yorkshire with Solihull Mountaineering Club, fully equipped with tackle for whatever caving we could do as well as climbing.
On the Friday we went to Calf Holes - now we'd already tried to get through from Browgill to Calf Holes on 2 occasions, and ended up chin-deep in water both times, unable to find the way on, so this time Mark rigged up an SRT line from Calf Holes and easily found the little contorsion through to Browgill - though Mark really wasn't convinced he'd get through! Having got through easily he then insisted on going through a few more times just to make sure! Once through into Browgill we could see why we'd failed to find this tiny slot, hidden in the roof behind some rocks.
After meeting up with our friends at a bunkhouse, one asked if we'd take her caving as she'd never been, so on the Sunday we visited Calf Holes yet again, this time rigging a ladder for the pitch before entering the cave from the Browgill entrance and exiting up the ladder. Donna seemed to really enjoy poking around in all the corners and we had a lovely trip.
Present: Jess, Mark, Donna

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