Sunday 15 August 2010

OFD 2 - The Search For Rock Formations

Following the Far North trip, a gentle days activity was called for on the Sunday. A geologist work colleague of Rachel, had asked if she might help obtain some photos of some rock formations. Some fine examples were alleged to be found in the entrance passage to OFD 2 and so we planned for a short trip into Top Entrance. We were joined by Nicky and Miles from RFDCC and so we planed for a circuitous trip in the cave taking in a few of the more popular sights. On the way into the cave we searched in vain for the formations and by the time we reached the top of the Corkscrew Climb we had given up all hope of finding them, and so laid down the camera box to rest for collection on the way out. We then went most places, Salubrious, Trident and Judge, Swamp Creek, Crossroads, Presidents Leap, Selenite Tunnel, Shatter Pillar, Lagubrious, Midnight Passage, Cross Rift and then headed back out via Edward's Shortcut and Gnome Passage.

Rachel Dearden near the rock pendants.

We then picked up the camera and headed back to the entrance, to find Jem Rowland taking photos in the entrance passage, during our brief exchange of pleasantries we notice that behind him were the rock formations that Rachel had been charged with getting photos of. A short interuption of Jem's photo session then took place while we grabbed the shots, and then it was back down to the club for tea and a slice of Rachel's Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake!

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Present: Brendan Marris, Rachel Dearden, Richard Dearden and Nicky and Miles from RFDCC

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