Saturday 4 September 2010

OFD1 - A Quick Warm Up Trip

Jess and Mark were in wales looking for a caving trip before they went off try out some canyoning. Saturday morning saw Jess suffering after a poor nights sleep in the tent, so Mark and Brendan headed off down the hill to OFD 1 for a quick trip while Jessica had some recovery time. We had arranged to meet back up with Jessica at 12.30pm so it was going to be a quick trip. We headed up the streamway to Boulder Chamber and then climbed up the cascade into the Waterfall Series, heading in via the Wet Way and completing a round trip coming out the Dry Way. We then headed back to the entrance stopping to take a few photos which proved testing, with a faulty trigger flash and two out of the four flashguns not working properly.

Mark Burkey in a large sandy floored phreatic passage.

Mark Burkey at The Font formation.

Mark Burkey at The Font formation.

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Present: Mark Burkey and Brendan Marris

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