Sunday 3 October 2010

Novice Trip to Giants Hole (October 3rd 2010)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Novice trip to Giants Hole (October 3rd 2010)
Arriving at the Mill one night to be told "You two are taking Dominik (the new member) caving", we arranged to go to P8, with Heather too. The week leading up to the trip was very wet however, and the day itself was solid rain, so we decided not to attempt P8 in case of flooding but to go straight to Giants Hole. We were just getting changed when a group of novices came running back through the rain, having only got as far as the inlets where apparently the water was thigh-high. We ventured in cautiously and found that the stream was indeed fast-flowing but not quite that high - however on arrival at Garlands Pot the stream was pouring over the whole of the rigging ledge, with spray hitting the far wall; it was really impressive but the sensible decision was to turn back. We explored the East and West rift passages and a passage above Base Camp where a rope hangs down for srt, but were out of the cave within a couple of hours into the still torrential rain!
Dominik, MaBu, JeHa, HeSi

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