Saturday 2 October 2010

Ogof Gofan - In the firing line

Two journeys out to Pembrokeshire in failed attempts to find Ogof Gofan ensured that this time we did some real homework. Now armed with sketches and some local knowledge we felt confident that finding the cave would be a breeze. We arrived at the firing range and changed in the public car park, before walking along the coastal path past Huntsman's leap and out to Saddle Head.

Searching the cliff tops for signs of the cave below

Our instructions pointed us to the correct location, but after scrambling down the top section of the of the cliff we found to very unconvincing looking rusty of steel belays and spent a good deal of time checking all other possibilities, before deciding it was the correct spot and gingerly committed ourselves to the rusty stakes, backed up to naturals belays from the rock.

Graham rigging the pitch from the cliffs down to the cave entrance

Graham using tackle bags as rope protectors over the sharp rocks of the cliff

The limestone cliffs are incredibly sharp and our 9mm rope was very vulnerable as it ran over the ragged edge. Careful placement of tackle bags gave us a degree of protection of the rope for our descent to find the cave entrance.

Graham drops down to the cave entrance as Carol waits above

Keith Abseils into the cave entrance with the view out to sea

The pitch dropped round a corner to reveal a steeply ascending slope up to a balcony overlooking the sea. Once all in the entrance we de-kitted and made our way through the well decorated crawls passing a second entrance that provided a stunning view over Hollow Caves Bay.

The second entrance provides a dramatic view out over Hollow Caves Bay

From the balcony a short length of crawl through some low wet well decorated passage led to a tight squeeze up into the Main Chamber.

Graham and Carol in the main chamber of Ogof Gofan

Keith Edwards by the crystal pool that surrounds the massive central column

Carol Northall in the main chamber of Ogof Gofan

Keith Edwards in the main chamber of Ogof Gofan

Carol Northall in the main chamber of Ogof Gofan

Photos and video was taken in the main chamber before we made our way out of the cave and back up the cliff. Carol and Graham in their previous trips to this area had discovered a quaint little cafe in Bosherton, so we called in for the obligatory tea and scones before setting off on the long journey back.

The day was rounded off with a visit to the Olde Worlde Cafe for tea and scones

Present: Brendan Marris, Keith Edwards, Carol Northall and Graham Coates


  1. Great pictures Brendan. Looks like a small but awesomely decorated cave. Good work on finding it.

    Cheers, Matt Emmett

  2. Great photo out to sea with Keith abseiling in!