Monday 3 January 2011

Ogof Dwy Sir - A short dry trip

This was a short post Christmas trip to a cave that we had not visited before to grab a few photos of the cave. The day started with the obligatory breakfast in Luigi's before the drive up to Gilwern Hill and a walk around the tramroad to Quimps Quarry to locate the cave. The quarry has intersected a rift passage that can be entered and followed for nearly 200m. This is an extremely dry cave and the walls have been engraved with much graffiti over the years. At the end of the cave a muddy tube was followed up into the Queen of Hearts Chamber that was discovered in 1997. The Chamber is a large collapse feature under the gritstone. Some time was spent looking at the abandoned digs before taking photos on our way out.

Not a cave to be recommended,  but remember... 

"We Go There... 
                                  ....So You Don't Have To"

Keith traversing in the entrance series.

Keith in the entrance series.

Keith in the Queen of Hearts Chamber.

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Present: Keith Edwards and Brendan Marris

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  1. Knowing that I would have to pose for the photos I decided to wear the Warmbac over suit instead of my usual yellow PVC one.