Sunday 17 March 2013

Ogof Ffynnon Ddu and Downey's Cave

After the adventures of Saturday something more sedate was called for Sunday, so Jess and I decided on a trip in to OFD1 as we had only ever travelled the 'trade routes' for through and round trips. As we were intending to head to a couple of spots Brendan had also not been to, and as I'm still coming to grips with the new camera and lighting, he decided to come along.

After a brief visit to take a look at Gothic sump we headed off to Skeleton Chamber where Brendan and I went down to take a look around before scrambling back up the awkward climb out. Continuing on to Pearl Chamber the wet flat out connection was rewarded with an unexpectedly pretty section of Downey's cave. After a thorough explore, and a number of photo's, Jess decided she was bored of lying around in cold water for my art and we headed back out to Main Passage. Poking our heads in to the rifts and bedding planes of Short Cut Passage we regrouped at the climb to the Fault Series where again we were pleasantly surprised by the unusual passageway and formations before us. Again some time was spent taking pictures and exploring before moving on to do the escape route in reverse to come down via Airy Fairy Traverse. With our call out time approaching we took a quick look at the 'Wall of Death', though none of us fancied giving it a go, before heading out for the stomp back up the hill.

Fault Series Main Passage

Jess admiring an unusual formation in the Fault Series

Beautiful gower pools and formations in Downey's Cave
Present: Mark Burkey, Jessica Harding & Brendan Marris

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