Sunday 10 March 2013

Oxlow cavern March 10th 2013

On a very cold wintry day with wind chill of minus 100 , well it did feel  felt like it , our group consisting of Mark, Andy, Grant , Carl, Jess and Cloe made our way to Oxlow Cavern in Derbyshire. Andy , Grant and Carl set off before the remaining group to set up the rigging for the SRT trip ahead of us. For me it was my real first SRT trip, so while not nervous ,in the back of your mind , you wonder what could go wrong.On arriving the fields and hills where covered in snow and and the thought of going into a warmer cavern was a relief while we got changed. A short walk to the entrance and then the descent on the pitches.

   Mark ,Jess and Andy made me  very comfortable with using the SRT and i knew i was in safe hands all the time. Well we came out into freezing ,almost blizzard conditions but with the feeling of confidence with SRT caving. Many thanks to Andy ,Jess and Mark for them arranging the trip and guiding us with the SRT. Plus of course we was a team, so thanks to Cloe,Grant and Carl for there effort to explore Oxlow Cavern.

Phil Lester

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