Saturday 12 April 2014

OFD 1.5 with a little bit of Deja Vue

Following a visit earlier in the year we planned our return to OFD 1.5 so that we could visit the Boulder Bridge and the passages below and take photos and video during our visit. We pooled lighting sources for the video and with only three of us we headed to SWCC on Saturday morning for our trip. On arriving at Penwyllt we bumped into Clive and Steve from Cave & Crag, and after some light persuasion they were enticed into joining us. Heading into the cave we had a little faffing with the lock that was later taken back up to the club to fix and were soon at the climb up to OFD 1.5 where we set up the lighting for the first of many video sequences. Selecting each of the most photogenic sections of passages and location on our route, we set up lighting panels and took sequences of video. While we videoed, Clive and Steve took still photos. We moved further and further into 1.5 until the Knackeraker pitch was rigged for Keith and Mark to descend. Video was taken in the lower passage and then the struggle back up the pitch was made. At this point Clive and Steve rejoined us, so all moved off to find the Boulder Bridge and rig the pitch down into the passage below. Video and stills were taken in the lower passage and Falcon Chamber, and a little while was taken trying to find a route into the choke in the lower end of the passage. We then headed up the passage to Falcon Chamber where some time was taken over stills and video with time running out we headed up the pitch and back to the squeezes and the other route into OFD 1.5 where we made the decision to return the following day to complete the video and for Brendan to bring in his camera to photograph the chambers and passage below the Boulder Bridge. Some tackle was stashed and we headed out the cave a little lighter than when we came in.

Below the Boulder Bridge - OFD 1.5
Mark Burkey below the Boulder Bridge - OFD 1.5

Below the Boulder Bridge - OFD 1.5
Rich Gibbons below the Boulder Bridge - OFD 1.5

Falcon Chamber - OFD 1.5
Rich Gibbons in Falcon Chamber - OFD 1.5

Large passage - OFD 1.5
Mel Bell in the largest passage - OFD 1.5

Towards Hush Sump OFD1
Mel Bell in the approach to Hush Sump

Mel and Rich arrived right on cue on Sunday morning and so we headed into the cave a little earlier than the previous day. The trip was repeated this time picking the locations where we needed more people and light than we had on the previous day. This time we ignored Knackeracker and went direct to the Boulder Bridge and dropped down to the passages below. Some time was spent here again taking video and stills before we returned via the squeezes.

The Video

Present Saturday : Mark Burkey, Keith Edwards, Brendan Marris with guest appearances by Clive Bennett and Steven Foley

Present Sunday : Mark Burkey, Keith Edwards, Brendan Marris with special guest appearances by Rich Gibbons and Mel Bell

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