Sunday 13 July 2014

OFD 1 Round Trip

We arrived at a very quiet SWCC to find Rob already there and we were soon joined by Ian and Chloe. 
I had been juggling between a couple of different trips, one SRT and one for Jess to practice leading the classics. In the end my mind was made up by a provisional SWCC member asking to join us on a trip who didn't have any SRT kit, so the OFD 1 round trip was decided upon.

Rob had obviously spent too much time in Brendan's company as he realised half way down the hill that he had neglected to pick up his helmet!
After retrieving his lid we continued on. Water levels were very low and we were soon skipping along a very gentle stream way. We made good time in to the cave and went for a quick look at boulder chamber before returning to Lowe's climb and the continuation of the round trip. All went well and before we knew it we were heading back over the bolt traverse and exiting the escape route.
On our way out we popped for a quick look in Skeleton chamber, Pearl chamber and through the squeeze in to Downey's cave to the boulder blocked exit to the surface before about turning and heading back to the club for cake and a cuppa :)

Rob at Lowe's Climb

Chloe Next to The Escape Route

Jess in passage near Downey's Cave

Present: Ian Millward, Chloe Burney, Rob Campbell, Jess Burkey, Mark Burkey and joined by SWCC provisional Phil Knight.

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