Saturday 5 July 2014

Pant Mawr Pot - SWCC provisionals trip

The Dudley branch of the SWCC volunteered to take a group of provisional SWCC members on a trip to Pant Mawr Pot. Following a stop-off for breakfast at Luigi's en-route by Brendan and Keith we met up with Mark and Jess at SWCC to start a session of extreme faffing. Much of the SWCC tackle was packed up for the Summer expeditions, so a little while was spent arranging gear to get up and down the pitch safely, after some time we were ready to set off. The weather was great for the trip, we walked the 4km in glorious sunshine.

The pitch was rigged with ladders and all descended into the darkness. The ladder pitch was a little daunting for the new recruits and played at the back of their minds for the rest of the trip knowing that they would have to go back up it on the way out. We headed through the cave taking a detour to the Chapel and then split off at the Great Hall. Mark, Keith and Brendan headed off through the Graveyard to look at the Vestry and Organ loft, while Jess went to the Fire Hydrant. We all met up again at Straw Chamber on the way out for a quick photo. The climb up the ladder went better for the provisionals than they had dreaded, and soon we were all on the surface ready for the steady walk back to the club.

The Video

Present: Keith Edwards, Mark Burkey, Jess Burkey, Brendan Marris, Sian, Tom, Gethin and Chris.

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