Saturday 25 October 2014

Illusion Pot - Yorkshire Weekend

Ten of Dudley Caving Club's finest met up at 8:30 in Inglesport to start the weekend as any should, with breakfasts washed down with copious amounts of tea. After a quick fondle of gear and shiny metal bits we split into two groups, those going for a little dangle and those going for a little wander. Being in the wanderers team we headed off to Kingsdale, parked and changed for the walk to Illusion Pot. This cave was billed as being easy to find and easy to navigate, so without any preparation we set off in pursuit of what we had heard was a mighty fine cave. Our lack of preparation showed and we walked a couple of hundred metres more than what we needed to on the approach, but were soon headed down the concrete rings that formed the first part of the entrance. Some easy caving followed that took us to the duck, which Mark duly investigated, although he promised we could get through we were having non of it and spent the next 30 minutes bailing like mad. With the water dropped six inches we could make our way through comfortably and were soon through into the main cave. We spent some time in the cave exploring all routes that we could find, ending in a finely decorated passage in one direction and in the other arriving at a traverse and climb down to the sump (as recommended by Helen - many thanks for that little treat!) After about four hours in the cave we were getting a little chilled and so we made our exit in time for cake and tea in the cafe. Those staying in Yorkshire spent the evening in the New Inn at Clapham.

The Missile Silo - Illusion Pot
Mike and Lucy in the Missile Silo - Illusion Pot

Illusion Pot
Lucy in Illusion Pot

Illusion Pot
Lucy in Illusion Pot

A fine cave requiring no tackle apart for some protection on the traverse that leads directly to the sump.

The Video

Present: Keith Edwards, Mike Bonner, Lucy Collins, Mark Burkey, Jess Burkey and Brendan Marris

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