Sunday 5 October 2014

Telford Trio in Splinter Group Complete Exchange Trip In the Peaks - Oxlow Caverns to Maskhill Mine

I had offered to rig Oxlow Cavern for Andy G who was leading a novice SRT trip into the cave and was soon joined by two sherpas with large rope bags in the guise of Rob and Tony. We headed into the main cavern and rigged the final pitch into Pool Chamber and then waited for two larger groups to arrive and then DCC had 13 members underground in the passage linking Oxlow and Maskhill.

I had spent some time on the descent showing Rob and Tony some rigging techniques and when we were all together it was decided that the Telford Trio (Me, Rob & Tony) would head out of Maskhill making the exchange trip and everyone else would exit Oxlow Cavern. This would help both of them understand more of the techniques used in rigging so we didn’t waste any time heading off up the Maskhill chamber.

I let Tony and Rob de-rig every pitch and played the role of rope bag hauler. Once we filled the first bag I took it up and out of the shaft and then headed back down to help with the work as there is a lot of rope and rigging to take out from Maskhill.

We were the first DCC cavers out and moved to the top of Oxlow to see if everyone was okay. There were lights moving down the shaft so we waited until we had communication with the others before heading down to the vehicles with all of our rope bags. We got changed and waited for the first few cavers to join us before heading to the Wanted Inn for a drink. I didn’t join Rob and Tony in the pub as I was on my motorbike and wanted to get back to Brum before it got too dark.

Trip Report: Andy Kempster

Members Present: Andy Kempster, Rob Campbell and Tony Ferrun.

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