Sunday 9 November 2014

Tunnel Top and The Paul and Barnabas Extensions

Having feasted on a fine breakfast at Luigi's in Abergavenny Chloe, Loz, Mark and Jess headed to the Dan Yr Ogof car park whilst Keith and Brendan grabbed the key from SWCC.
All changed we plodded up the hill and then dropped the entrance pitch in to Tunnel Top entrance. We were soon across the traverse and down the calcite slope where the group removed their SRT kit and headed off in search of The Paul and Barnabas extensions.
Mark admires the formations
Mark and Chloe had scouted the climb up on a previous visit so we wasted no time reaching the foot of this.
Keith navigating the tight rifts
Mark climbed up first and rigged a belay to bring the others up and Keith and Jess headed up the tight rift to continue the route followed by Loz.  Chloe then had some fun pushing up through the rift and finally Mark followed.
Brendan , suffering a servere bout of man flu, decided he'd had quite enough fun and elected to pootle about back at the base of the climb.
Mark and Keith went up in search of Pearl passage before joining Jess who had squirrelled off leading through crawls, further rifts and canals until finding the twin 'Paul and Barnabas' formations. Mark popped up a roof tube for a quick look at the stream way and cascade before re-joining the group and reversing the route.
Brendan in the entrance series
Collecting Brendan on our way out we were soon changed and warming up on the drive to the Beefeater before the M50 where we finished the day as it started .....feasting on a good meal :)

Mark admires the formations

Loz exits the pitch

Photographs: Jessica Burkey

Present: Chloe Burney, Loz Appleby, Keith Edwards, Brendan Marris, Jessica Burkey & Mark Burkey

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