Sunday 16 November 2014

Dudley South Wales Weekend OFD 1 Round Trip

Our original plan had been a through trip for Sunday, but after our adventures the previous day and because of the water levels, a slightly less demanding trip was called for.
We decided on an OFD – 1 round trip with a visit to Column Passage and The Eagle’s Nest thrown in.
We took the usual route and dropped in to the steam way at the step where the water level was just a few inches over.
We proceeded up the stream way through to boulder chamber before returning to Lowe’s chain to climb up to Lowe’s passage.
Keith had some fun, getting Loz to lead the way through roundabout chamber….Oh wow what lovely formations, much better than the one's we saw a moment ago, wow what lovely passageway, look another crawl......Keith could help himself no longer, it had been played to perfection, she had no idea she was now retracing her steps back the way she'd come ;) …and then the girls had further fun rolling through the roll over crawl ‘till Chloe got a smack in the chops from a closely following Loz.
Continuing on through Pi Chamber and over the Bolt Traverse and out the escape route before climbing up to take a look at the Column.  Keith found The Eagles Nest in a passage we had missed on the way through and I couldn’t resist having a quick round trip dropping down from the eagles nest to the stream way. 
All that was left was a quick play at the water slide before heading out over Pluto’s Bath, where Loz and Crystal had some fun in the pot.

We finished the weekend in style with a good meal at the Beefeater before completing our drives home.

Crystal at Gypsum Corner - OFD 1 Round Trip

Loz in the Rawl Series OFD 1 Round Trip

Present: Crystal, Mel, Chloe, Keith, Matt and Mark

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