Sunday 7 December 2014

A Giant Ole at Giants Hole!

After adventures on Saturday we planned something a little more sedate for Sunday.
Crystal and Mark had enjoyed their trip with us so much they were chomping at the bit to get underground again, so we decided Giants Hole would fit the bill.
Arriving at Peakshill Farm I popped out to take a look at the large sink hole that had formed by the track. This has dropped in to some old mine passage that runs under the road and is something of an impressive sight!
We had no sooner reached the end of the track and parked before we were joined by Mark, Crystal, Mel and Keith.
This was Crystal's first experience of changing in cold by a field and I think she was suitably impressed ;)
We were a little worried of how long such a large group would take so I ran on ahead to rig Garlands Pot whilst Keith ran Crystal and Mark through the oxbow in the entrance series.
We really needn't have worried, everyone flew down the ladder pitch and it wasn't until we reached the Vice that I caught them, all of our novices hadn't even noticed it, but unfortunately as it gets nearer to Christmas, so my figure gets a little more like Santa, so I had to dive under, and when I say dive my legs were waving in the air for a bit as I jiggled about trying to get the mince pie and turkey filled belly through.
Jess did a sterling job navigating the round trip and Crystal very much enjoyed the aqueous nature of the cave, especially since Mel had told her it was large passage and dry. Each obstacle was dealt with without any problem at all by the group and after only a few hours we were emerging in to a snow storm!
Hurriedly changed we headed to the Wanted Inn where we partook in beverages and mince pies to finish off our Pre-Christmas weekends caving :)

A big Ole!! The mine shaft collapse next to the drive

Giants hole....a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

What a funny looking bunch!

Mark at the entrance to the windpipe

Who ordered the snow!?!

Present: Mark Burgess, Mell Bell, Jessica Burkey, Chloe Burney, Keith Edwards, Loz Appleby, Crystal & Mark Burkey

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