Sunday 29 March 2015

Peak Cavern.......A Dudley CC Trip In To The Devil's Arse

Those that hadn't stayed at the TSG met up with the others Sunday Morning.
After bacon sandwiches all round washed down with a couple of cups of tea we headed up the hill to the impressive Peak Cavern entrance.
We arrived just as the show cave was being opened and made our way in. 
There were the usual squeals as we made our way through the chilly Mucky Ducks and then along Upper Gallery. 
At the climb up to Pickerings Passage Keith began filming the gang as they navigated the crawls, squeezes and contortions on their journey to the sobering but beautiful Moss Chamber.
After making our way back to Upper Gallery we headed down Surprise View for a look at Buxton Water Sump.
Keith and Ian accompanied Mike and Loz as far as Squaw's Junction, then Mike and Loz continued on to take a look at Lake sump. 
Meanwhile Jess, Lucy and myself had a play with the camera at Surprise View. 
Re-grouped we made our way out, giving each other the customary scrub down as we exited. 

Back at the TSG it was time for tea and the biggest slice of chocolate cake you've ever seen compliments of Mr Edwards.

Peak Main Stream Way

Peak Main Stream Way

Surprise View

The Video

Present: Lucy Collins, Mike Bonner, Loz Appleby, Ian Millward, Keith Edwards, Mark Burkey & Jess Burkey

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  1. Well, I thought I had the best picture of surprise view on the Google image search but you had to come along three months later didn't you ;-) The variation in colour and the green tint to the water is quite interesting between mine and yours ( )

    Excellent set of images!