Saturday 7 March 2015

Four Musketeers in Cwm Dwr

We arrived at SWCC to find it almost abandoned a kind of missed the boat feeling.

I did think that we wouldn't be able to get underground but fortunately Brendan had arrived and was able to get us sorted out.

We headed off for Cwm Dwr well I did the other guys headed down the wrong path and I stood n watched with amusment until the penny dropped.

Once in we quickly dencended the pipe and headed on to the boulder choke. From hearing that this is the infamous place where most cavers get lost we
brought a secret weapon with us.....plant labels an idea Jess gave me beforehand all in all this proved invaluable.

Once through the choke and into big shacks it was a case of route finding from here on and with the help of the survey we split up into twos
and got our bearings of the system as there are many passages and levels to navigate. After meeting back up we made our way down the main passage across the traverse
until we decided to head back as time was getting on. We quickly headed back out through the choke collecting the labels and without hesitation made our way back out to the surface to enjoy
tea and Brendan's malt loaf.

Yet another successful route finding trip with all of us taking it in turns to lead the way.

Trip report: Rich Gibbons

Present. Rich Gibbons Mike Bonner Rob Campbell and Tony Farrell

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