Tuesday 7 April 2015

Elusive A2 in Dali's Delight. Dan Yr Ogof.

For Tuesday I was joined by Keith, Jess and Loz.

For the last trip of the weekend an easier trip was the order of the day, so a trip in to Dan Yr Ogof to Dali's Delight via Elliptic passage was decided on.
I loaded a bag with my camera gear, SRT kit and a ladder which weighed in at a hefty amount and meant my easy bimble was actually quite a workout!
Although the lakes seemed to be at normal levels the rest of the system seemed to have a good amount of standing and flowing water. We took the usual route in to the Canyon. The bag not causing too many problems through the crawls and headed in to Elliptic passage. At the pot to climb down to the sand crawls to link in to Bakerloo I paused to take a picture of Loz and then on we went. The Camels Arse proved interesting doing in reverse, especially with the full tackle sack!
I went up Dali's climb using a hand jammer and rigged the ladder for the others who quickly joined me. Again we paused for me to take a shot at the pinnacles before heading in to every hole and climb we could find. Our objective was to find the link to A2 chamber, but there were a few leads we would require a hand line for and time was running short so we decided to do a little more research and come back another time with a bit more kit.
Upon trying to exit we found that the inner door of the show cave had lost the knob to unlock it and had a moment trying to fashion a ratchet out of our belt buckles.
We finally managed enough grip to turn and open it and were greeted by sunshine.
The cafe was closing up as we changed, but Jess managed to grab some takeaway drinks and donuts which we munched after changing :)

Jess at the Pinnacles

Loz descends Elliptic Pot

Present: Keith Edwards, Jess Burkey, Mark Burkey and Loz Appleby

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