Saturday 11 April 2015

The Late, Late Breakfast Show at Dan Y Lleuad Wen

The plan was to return with additional photo gear and lighting to photograph the larger passages in Ogof Dan Y Lleuad Wen and also explore the Lon Drury extensions below the entrance pitch. The planned rendez-vous for breakfast in Llandovery went a little pear-shaped with only Chloe managing to be at the cafe at the appointed hour of 9am. Twenty minutes later Mark, Jess and Brendan wandered in and we then tucked into a hearty breakfast, Chloe was provided with marshmallows on top of her hot chocolate - the sure sign of a classy establishment. A text from the late Loz Appleby indicated that she was a little behind schedule, only to arrive over an hour late. This was somewhat better than Rob though, who forgot to set his alarm and was still in bed as we tucked into brekky, so missed the days caving.
Once all assembled and fed we headed to Herbert's Quarry, where we changed and headed off to walk across the mountain on a fine, but blustery day. We were soon at the entrance where we entered the cave, stashed walking gear and then rigged the entrance pitch. We first explored the Upper Series and took photos of the Canyon and the fine rock bridge at the far end of it. This was a slightly risky operation as the top of the bridge is covered in a pile of boulders and sludgy sand which made it risky for Chloe at the top and for the people standing below while the photos were taken.

The Rock Bridge - Dan Y Lleuad Wen
Loz and Chloe at the Rock Bridge - Dan Y Lleuad Wen (Photo by Mark Burkey)

The Canyon - Dan Y Lleuad Wen
Jess and Chloe in the Canyon - Dan Y Lleuad Wen (Photo by Brendan Marris)

Much time was taken in the Upper Series, before we headed to the rift climb down and short pitch into A Day at the Beach in the Lower Series. Again we explored and took photos in a couple of locations before we made our way back towards the entrance.

A Day at the Beach - Dan Y Lleuad Wen
Jess and Chloe at the climb down to the Lower Series - Dan Y Lleuad Wen (Photo by Mark Burkey)

A Day at the Beach - Dan Y Lleuad Wen
Chloe - A Day at the Beach - Dan Y Lleuad Wen (Photo by Mark Burkey)

The final objective of the day was to have a look at the Lon Drury extensions that lie down a 13m deep rift climb below the boulders that lie at the foot of the entrance pitch. All that lay ahead now was the long walk back to the cars.

Present: Mark Burkey, Jess Burkey, The Late Loz Appleby, Chloe Burney and Brendan Marris

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