Saturday 1 August 2015

A Photographic foray in to St Cuthberts Swallet

Having requested a photographic trip in to St Cuthberts we were offered a trip by Martin Grass and told to bring some SRT gear.
I was joined by Keith, Brendan, Chloe and Mark B..U...R...G, or as Martin likes to call him....Hello Chole's boyfriend.
I went down the night before and was enjoying my second mug of tea when the others emerged 20 min's late because of traffic. Fortunately we had allowed enough time to still enjoy the delights of a Priddy good breakfast before heading off to the BEC.
After swiftly changing we headed off.
One by one we each made our way in and slid down the entrance rift and fixed ladder pitch to the head of Pulp Pitch. Here Brendan showered whilst holding flash guns for me whilst I tried to get a shot of Martin on the pitch. After everyone was down we continued on down a 15ft free climb to the water slide where again we paused for a picture. We took the route down to lower traverse chamber with the inlet from The Maypole series coming in and here Brendan and I again took a couple of shots before continuing on to Gour hall where............well it was a photographic trip after all ;)
Again a couple of shots were taken of The Railway Tunnel before we headed up to take in Curtains Chamber and make our way out past K2, Kanchenjunga, wire rift and the various ladders and climbs back to the entrance rift.
Back at the BEC we said our goodbyes to Martin who had to run off to Wookey Hole.
Changed and dry we made our way to Burrington for tea and cake before our journey home.

Pulpit Pitch (By Mark Burkey)

Gour Hall (By Mark Burkey)

The Water Slide (By Mark Burkey)

Chain Climb (By Brendan Marris)

Lower Traverse Chamber (By Brendan Marris)

The Railway Tunnel (By Brendan Marris)

Present: Keith Edwards, Brendan Marris, Mark Burkey, Chloe Burney & Chloe's Boyfriend (AKA Mark Burgess)

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