Sunday 30 August 2015

Costal walking in Pembrokeshire

This was planned to be a relaxing weekend with only a touch of caving and so for the rest of the Bank Holiday we were to be above ground.
After a bit of a fracas on the campsite with an unsociable neighbour we headed off late morning to meet the Edwards at Ye Olde Worlde Cafe in Bosherston.
After a quick seance we ordered food and drinks before we went to the car park above St Gofan's Chapel. We walked along the coastal path through Broadhaven beach to Barafundle Bay, down to Stackpole Quay for cake and icecream before heading inland and following the path through the national trust gardens at Stackpole. We Passed the lakes and lily ponds to head back down to Broadhaven beach and then back to the carpark. The day was finished with a quick trip into St Gofan's Chapel.

Barafundle Bay

Stackpole lilly ponds

Present: Keith Edwards, Jean Edwards, Mark Burkey, Jessica Burkey, Chole Burney, Mark Burney and Brendan Marris

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