Sunday 6 March 2016

A Round Trip In Dan Yr Ogof

For Sunday Mike had asked if there was a chance of getting in to Dan Yr Ogof for him and his friends. The weather had been kind all week and the water levels seemed pretty good, so as we had both Chloe and Myself who were wardens we decided to give it a go.
We went in officially as two groups, but inevitably wound up on each others heels. Chloe led the way in through reasonably high lakes and cascades and Mikes friends were suitably impressed with the roar of the water.
We took the usual round trip route in via the upper series with Anita, a friend of Mikes taking pictures as we went.
Whilst Anita captured the magnificent Cloud Chamber, I had a go at a reflective shot that I'd tried before.
At the green canal we found no floatation at all and so Mark and I went over the traverses above to see if the dig rope was still in place to land at the other side. It was, so we descended and retrieved a load of rings and life jackets to take back to the other side.
With everyone chilled from the swim we continued on down the Elephant Hutch and through the Camels Arse and on to the lower series.
Water levels must have been very high in the preceding weeks as we found no footprints as we made our way through Bakerloo, over the hoovermatic and back up to the long crawl.
The lakes had fallen a little whilst we had been in, but still gave a magnificent roar to greet us as we made our way back out.

Cloud Chamber (Photo Mark)
Baker loo (Photo by Anita)
Cloud Chamber (Photo Anita)

Cloud Chamber (Photo Anita)

Present: Mark1, Mark2 & Mark3!  Chloe, Mike, Chris & Anita

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