Saturday 26 March 2016

Forget eggs and rabbit we went for Turkey this Easter!

On Monday our boss asked us if we fancied having Thursday off to make it a long bank holiday so if we fancied it we could get away to somewhere like Torquay for the weekend.

Well Jess is getting on a bit and completely miss-heard him, so we wound up heading off to Turkey instead! ;)

Having found a cheap last minute deal at an all inclusive hotel in Marmaris, we were only a day in to our break when stuffed to bursting we decided we needed to get out and walk off some of the vast amount of calories we were consuming.

Jess had searched caves in Marmaris and found an ex-showcave: Nimara Cave. We asked some of the locals and got a rough idea of where we would find it and so hoped on a dolmus to a marina at the foot of Heaven island.

 Avoiding the many honey bee hives and pine processionary caterpillars which were falling from the trees, we eventually found a proper looking path in the middle of nowhere.

We hadn't been expecting much, but found a huge, well decorated cavern and although I only had my camera phone and a couple of head torches I still managed to kill an hour taking photo's much to Jess's chagrin!

On our way out we found a bin bag and proceeded to do a little conservation work collecting up rubbish from around the entrance.

A great day out and certainly much more than we had been expecting!

Now where can that cave possibly be?

Jess doing her bit for conservation

Present: Mark Burkey & Jess Burkey

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