Monday 2 May 2016

Bar Pot To Gaping Gill Main Chamber

For our last day's play in the Dales we headed up from Clapham village car park in sunshine for the walk up to Bar Pot. Jess had elected to do the rigging for this one and was soon at the head of the pitch trying to figure out the best/easiest way to rig an assist at the head of the awkward pitch head.

I was aware that it wouldn't be as tight as nettle pots entrance series, but as Jess's Stop made a screeching noise as she navigated through the tighter part of the rift I did pause to wonder just how difficult it was going to be to get back out...assuming I managed to get in!

As it turned out getting in wasn't a problem, there were even small ledges to assist. As Jess rigged her way in to GG she found there was certainly no lack of bolts to choose from, it was almost a hinderance trying to work out which were in play for the rope lengths.

Flood was quite impressive as we made our way across the traverse and in to the passageway. Jess had a description but it wasn't needed as we just followed the obvious draft until we heard the roar of the main chamber.

Here we took the obligatory main chamber shot before making our way back out. The entrance pitch was made easy with the use of my new shiny Pantin purchased the day before and I even got time to snap a couple of shots of Jess as she struggled back up cursing me as she went ;)

Our walk back down was still in sunshine and the pretty walk provided a great finish to the weekend.

Gaping Gill Main Chamber
Jess at the awkward head of Bar Pot 1st pitch
Loz Ascends Bar Pot Main Pitch
Present: Mark, Jess & Loz

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