Sunday 1 May 2016

A County Round Trip via The Battle Of Britain Series

Saturday we took the day off and just had a quick photographic play in Yordas Cave, and were met later in the day by Loz. As the weather was forecast a little grim and wet we changed plans for the Sunday from Gaping Gill to County Pot.

Our original plan was to head to 'The Palace' but as we made our way through county we decided on a slightly more sedate but no less interesting route.
The girls had some fun at Poetic Justice and Loz practiced her rigging at the head of the final pitch. After this we backtracked to Spout Hall and made our way in to Battle of Britain Hall and the upper Trident Series for a good explore. Eventually we found our way on under a slab and to a 6m climb down to the Lower Trident Stream way. After a quick look upstream at the twin avens in White Line Chamber we returned via the oxbow. We took a quick look at water levels at Eureka Junction before completing our short round trip back up the pitch Loz had earlier rigged.

Jess admires formations in the oxbow above the stream way
Loz at Eureka Junction
Present: Mark, Jess & Loz

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