Saturday 6 May 2017

A trip to The Far North. Dan Yr Ogof

Kay and I headed down the SWCC on the Friday to get a decent nights sleep before our big trip on the Saturday. Unfortunately Plymouth Uni had other plans and were outside partying till 4.30am, at which time they decided a spot of naked caving was on the plans and headed off to Cwm Dwr!

We met Los at the DYO car park at half ten, kitted up and headed in.

Low water levels and only taking a point and click camera meant we made good time and we took the usual round trip route past Cloud Chamber in.  Only a single ring was available at the green canal and so Kay elected to get wet whilst Loz and I went over the top and abseiled down to join her.

Our swift progress continued as we made our way up the Rising and through to the Great North Road.

After Pinnacle chamber we decided to take The Meanders in to the cave and after just under 4 hours were sitting at the final choke.

As Kay had never been to this part of the cave before we went for a look at The Mostest on the way out and headed back via The North Bypass. We took the lower series out and were back in the sunshine eating cake for 7pm after a good 8hr trip underground.

He's behind you!!!
Loz in the long crawl
Loz at the final choke
Kay at the final choke

Present: Laura Appleby, Kay Wood & Mark Burkey

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