Monday 1 May 2017

Day 3 Hendre Spa Mine

For the last day of the club meet Ex member Heather Simpson kindly offered to lead us on a trip in to Hendre Spa Mine. Jess and I had a slight navigational blip and arrived to find most already changed and ready to go. Heather saw mine and Keith's video and camera gear and said she'd forgotten we would be brining it and needed to change the call out. On the phone we heard her mention 8 to 9pm and I glanced over to see the look of horror on Keith's face at the thought of me keeping him hanging around taking photo's for hours :)

After the previous days outing I was beginning to think mines weren't really going to be my thing, but  quarter of an hour of walking through pretty woodland we were climbing down a laddered shaft and in to large, well sculpted passage which immediately appealed to my photographic side.
There were enough obstacles that Keith was able to take some video and the trip itself offered enough variation that it satisfied all.

Fortunately Heather had overestimated our dedication for documenting the mine and we exited in to sunshine at about 3pm.

We tried for a quick drink before heading our separate ways but were unable to find anything open and so bid farewell to each other and our leaders and headed home after another successful Dudley caving meet to start washing our kit!

Hendre Spa Entrance Ladder
Loz in the end passage
Heather and Loz at the bridge
Keith at cairn junction
Impressive passageway at the head of the 5 ladders
Me and my mate survived a whole weekend of mining.....and we didn't die or nuffink!

Present: Heather Simpson, Rob, Keith Edwards, Loz Appleby, Kay Wood, Jess Burkey & Mark Burkey

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