Saturday 24 April 2010

Oxlow Cavern

Jess and Mark had just been on an srt course and fancied a nice srt trip, and beings it had been some time since i had done any srt, i decided a trip to Oxlow would be a baptism of fire for the pair of them.
So with me leading the way and rigging with some dubious looking knots (you forget if you don't tie them regular) and the rest of the party laughing as i try to reach the deviation on the third pitch slow but steady progress was made to the bottom of Oxlow , i drew the line at dropping into the lake at the bottom as i didn't really fancy getting my feet wet, and neither did any body else.
On the way out Mark was "volunteered" to do the d-rigging which he coped with really well-now we had the common sense to take an extra tackle bag in with us (empty) as the rope becomes really heavy when wet, and you can struggle on the pitches on the way out, so we shared the ropes using the extra bag to ease the burden, and guess what ,when we got out the sun was shinning.

present : AG,MW,SW,JH,and MARK

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  1. Nice to hear you had a great trip. Planning longer trips or just getting lost will ensure that you don't have the problem of coming out in the sunshine, works for us!