Sunday 19 February 2012

Cwm Dwr Quarry Cave

A reasonable amount of rain fell on Saturday making the proposed trip into Dan Yr Ogof look quite risky, so instead we decided to change the plan and head to Cwm Dwr as a safer alternative.
Messages were left on answer phones and we headed down to South Wales, four of use meeting at the breakfast van, but no sign of Ben or Grant. Ben had missed the phone message and after a night on the beer was waiting on the DYO carpark. Keith headed into the cave with Heather and Mark, while Brendan waited for Ben and Grant to arrive and change.
Keith was trying out some new video lighting and set to work filming Heather and Mark in the entrance series. With Ben and Grant changed the final group entered the cave and met up with Keith in the entrance series and then made steady progress into the cave taking some video as we went.
We headed to The Smithy and then via Sand Banks to Piccadilly, where Keith headed off with Mark to see if he could post Mark through The Letterbox. The rest of the group headed down to the sump and then along Flood Bypass to the Confluence. From here we headed up the Cwm Dwr Stream to emerge into the bottom of The Smithy, our agreed rendez-vous point with Keith and Mark. Keith returned with Mark confirming that although classed as a Large Letter by the Royal Mail, it was possible for Mark to pass through the Letterbox.
From The Smithy we headed out taking a couple of photos and some video on the way.

Heather, Ben and Grant near Big Shacks in Cwm Dwr.

Grant near the sump in Cwm Dwr Quarry Cave.

Ben near the sump in Cwm Dwr Quarry Cave.

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Present: Brendan Marris, Mark Burkey, Grant Wilkes, Ben Marklew, Heather Simpson and Keith Edwards


  1. Your shots are just looking great. Have really jumped up a gear recently.

  2. I've now uploaded the complete video of the trip. Unfortunately this trip killed my camcorder so no more videos (do I hear cheers?) until I've sourced an affordable replacement.