Sunday 5 February 2012

What lies beneath

I remember as a teenager seeing men land on the moon, a great adventure, but the reality is only a handful of people have set foot on the moon, yet here on our planet, in fact here in the UK is an adventure for us everyday people to sense that buzz of discovery. Welcome to Dudley Caving club, just on my third caving trip we explored the caves of the Brecon Beacons caving system in Wales, on  a cold weekend with the landscape filled with  crisp white snow and a chill in the air we descended into the caving system.

   Suddenly we was away from the outside world of cold and snow, almost welcome was the warmer air and the comfort of stillness and the sense that we was on our adventure.You too can feel that feeling, come and say hello and have a go, the world is not just what you see above the ground or in the sky but What lies beneath . More to follow on our caving trip.

 phil lester

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