Monday 27 May 2013

Agen Allwedd - and the mystery of the tyre tracks....

Monday's trip was to be the Outer Circle at Aggy. This started with the obligatory breakfast at Luigi's before heading up the hill to Whitewalls where we changed and headed along the tram road to the cave. We were a little pushed for time and it was clear by the time we were in Turkey Streamway that we would not be able to complete The Circle. We decided instead to head up Coal Cellar passage and visit Twin Avens Chamber and the Coal Cellar itself. We then headed out of the cave. On the way back as we reached the Main Passage we noticed tyre tracks in the mud floor. We scratched our heads in disbelief that someone may have brought a bike into the cave. Some days later this video appeared - it was unicycles rather than bicycles in the cave...

Unicycle Caving from Garrett and Garrett Videography on Vimeo.

Present Brendan Marris, Loz Appleby, Rachel Dearden and Richard Dearden

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