Sunday 12 May 2013

Cwm Dwr - Return to Fault Aven

The Fault Aven series had proved more complex than we had anticipated on our previous visit and so we returned with camera and video equipment, with the aim of finding the other side of the Fault Aven and to photograph the Pom Pom.

We headed into the cave avoiding loosing the tackle bag in the choke this time, but having the misfortune of both straps on the bag coming off enroute. We climbed up into the Fault Aven Series with no hiccups and headed straight to H Junction and the start of Pom Pom Passage.

Pom Pom Passage - Fault Aven Series - Cwm Dwr
Jess in Pom Pom Passage.

Pom Pom Passage - Fault Aven Series - Cwm Dwr
Mark views a crystal pool in Pom Pom Passage.

The climb up into Pom Pom Passage proved more tricky that expected, but soon we were looking down to the lower level. Treading very carefully in this delicate area we viewed dry crystal pools before traversing to the Pom Pom.

The Pom Pom - Fault Aven Series - Cwm Dwr
Jess views the Pom Pom Formation.

The Pom Pom - Fault Aven Series - Cwm Dwr
A close-up of the Pom Pom Formation.

Photos were taken of the Pom Pom before heading back over the traverses to H Junction. From here we then set out to find and explore passages that had not been included on the previous trip. This area of the cave is a 3D maze with passages at many different levels, often one above the other. We found a lower entrance into Fault Aven, but turned back at an exposed rope climb on the route that we believe takes you to the uppermost level in Fault Aven. We will return with tackle to protect the climb on a future trip. A tricky but fascinating area of the cave.

The Video

Present: Mark Burkey, Jessica Harding, Keith Edwards and Brendan Marris

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