Sunday 19 May 2013

Oxlow and Pilgrim's Way

Sunday saw my second trip to Derbyshire, this time for an SRT trip in to Oxlow. Arriving at around half nine, Andy, Mel and I took a final look at the route from the West Antechamber before dishing out the tackle and heading up the hill.
We swiftly made our way down the 4 pitches to the pull through up to Pilgrims way where we paused to remove our SRT kit before continuing. Andy led the way down the hands and knee's crawl through to Mecca Aven and then on to the flat out wet crawls. Not far in, the passage became very tight, silted with gravel. After having a bit of a dig we managed to get a few feet further till a tight bend closed down again. Andy was happy that we'd achieved what he'd wanted and found our way to connect to the chamber of horror's and Mel said that she was far too intelligent to push on any further, so a wet and happy trio made our way back out to find another group coming in.
Mel was the first up the entrance shaft to find the group had put the cover back on and she had to struggle by herself to lift the steel lid.

Again another great trip, although I may have to leave the actual connection through to the slimmer members of the club!

Present: Andy Grimes, Mel Wakeman & Mark Burkey

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