Saturday 18 January 2014

A 7hr epic round trip to Lowe’s chain?

Saturday morning saw myself, Jess and Brendan sat around as usual in the SWCC hut nursing a full teapot. I had abstained from making any trip decisions and Brendan was looking worse for wear after not a lot of sleep courtesy of a heavy snorer in the bunk below him the night before. After a couple of teapots we finally decided to see what the water levels were like in OFD1 for a possible trip in to OFD1 ½.
Plodding down the hill we were soon at ‘The Step’ checking out the water level. Although high it was probably at a doable level, but as the forecast was more rain we decided to abandon our original trip plans and have a poke around passages that Jess and I hadn’t been to before on the round trip.
En route we diverted to check out The Maypole Traverse before continuing through to explore Slime Street, then in to the Subway to re-emerge in Bridge passage. After getting a little giddy in the roll over crawl we continued on to Starlight Chamber, where Brendan and I went for a play in the tight bedding planes and chokes past Coronation Aven before heading to Lowe’s Climb. The water levels were pretty impressive and we were glad we had decided to do our alternative rather than push on in the stream way. On the way out we checked back at the step and were awed to find that the stream level had risen a good 3 feet from when we had entered!
After the slog back up the hill we were surprised to find we had managed to spend a full 7hrs playing underground and were all glad to see the familiar teapot back at the hut.

A good fun trip visiting some interesting parts of the system normally passed when on the ‘trade routes’

Present: Brendan Marris, Jess Burkey & Mark Burkey

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