Thursday 2 January 2014

Peter's Pretty Passage & Northern Canyon

After another leisurely start to the day Jess and I decided on a photographic trip to Peter's pretty passage and then on through Northern Canyon to finish in the Labyrinth.
After some fun getting up the slippery slope to Peter's Pretty Passage Jess and I spend a while taking some pictures before sliding down into the end of Edwards Shortcut. From here we made our way through the Northern Canyon to some awkward climbs and on to the Labyrinth where we wandered around lost for half an hour or so before Jess called me to say there were some pretty formations around a corner that I may want to photograph. 
Grinning as I finally saw somewhere I recognised I explained to Jess I had already taken some photo's of her here on a previous trip. 
After this is was fairly straight forward finding our way back to Salubrious and out. Not a big trip but a lot of fun.

Crystal pool at the end of the passage

Jess admiring the Helictites

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