Sunday 15 June 2014

A Dali Delightful Birthday Treat In Dan Yr Ogof

For the second half of Chloe's birthday request for trips we offered up a trip to a less visited area of Dan yr Ogof.
We followed the normal round trip route in to the system and were planning on heading straight to the lower series but Chloe really wanted to do her favourite bit….The Green Canal.
Upon arrival there was only a couple of rings and a couple of life jackets. I explained that it was bad form to remove all of the buoyancy aids from one end and that as it was Chloe's birthday and her idea to boot, that she could have all the fun she could handle by doing the Green Canal a few times to retrieve more rings from the other end.
Knowing that we would be standing around shortly to play with the camera I suggested we warm up by popping to the Rising for a visit.
Warmed back up we headed down the Abyss and made our way up the pitch to Dali's Delight. A very unusual area filled with odd shaped rock, a maze of passageways and numerous avens. We spent quite some time exploring this unique area of the system and it was only when the girls begun to complain of starting to chill down again that we made our way out.
Taking the normal route out we were soon back at the car park where we were feasted upon by the midges!

Chloe at The Green Canal

Chloe at the head of the pitch at Dali's Delight

Jess admires the unusually sculpted rock

Present: Jess Burkey, Chloe Burney & Mark Burkey

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