Sunday 29 June 2014

Brickworks Dig - June 1014

Due to the Forest of Dean Symposium being cancelled we moved our venue to South Wales to continue the Brickworks Dig. This was a very well attended weekend which allowed a mixture of caving and digging to happen over the weekend with a BBQ on Saturday evening. Pumping started on Friday evening and proved slow due to problems keeping the generator running, but we were able to remove the bulk of the water. Saturday morning saw the rest of water pumped and the bottom of the slope filled and levelled to a constant gradient, then covered with conveyor belting. Once this was completed work turned to the dig face. Sunday saw the whole team turn their attentions to the dig. Some engineering was undertaken with pumps and pipes to allow the overnight water seepage to be quickly despatched. Dig trays were re roped and we commenced bringing spoil up to the cross rift. The digging continued to explore the roof tube over the dig face, but this does not look like a useful direction, the way on looks like it will be down in the floor. Bad air stopped play at about 3pm, we will need fans to continue digging.

Present Saturday: Keith Edwards, Mark Burkey, Jess Burkey, John Smith, Graham Smith, Brendan Marris, Becca Kirkpatrick, Darren, Loz Appleby, Andy Kempster, Helen Nightingale, Tony Ferrun, Rob Campbell, Phil Lester and Steve Wallis

Present Sunday: Keith Edwards, John Smith, Graham Smith, Brendan Marris, Becca Kirkpatrick, Darren, Loz Appleby and Andy Kempster

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