Sunday 15 February 2015

A gentle Sunday stroll around the mini - columns in OFD

Having promised the Southampton students that we would take them into Dan Yr Ogof
on the Sunday, we got up to find them still in various states of collapse after the effort of the previous day's through trip, with no desire to go caving at all. Some of the provisionals also decided not to cave, which left Brendan, Mark and myself without a group to lead.
We decided on a short refresher trip around the mini-columns and bedding planes, mainly for my benefit as I couldn't remember how everything fitted together, but also as an opportunity for Mark and Brendan to play with their cameras and test out different lighting effects etc. without having to carry them far. From the perspective of the model, it was wonderful not to be cold and wet for a change!
We explored just about every nook and cranny in the Bedding Planes, with Mark managing to insert himself into some very tight and gnarly spots while Brendan and I had more sense than to accept his invitations to follow.
Before we knew it, it was gone 4pm and time to head back out for tea and cake.

The Bedding Chambers

Chamber near Speedy Caver

The Mini Columns

?!?!?!?! Brendan and his massive Stalagmite ?!?!?!?

Present: Jess Burkey,  Mark Burkey, Brendan Marris,

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