Saturday 21 February 2015

Shattered in the Mendips

Chloe had taken a look through the new Mendip Underground publication at the beginning of the year and requested a couple of trips in to the Fairy Quarry caves.
 After drawing names from a hat for the places we wound up with Mel, Loz, Keith, Myself and Chloe for the first Fairy Quarry Cave of the weekend: Shatter Cave.
 After waving off the others we had a couple of hours to kill as we were not going in until 2pm, so Keith, Chloe and myself headed in to Stoke St.Micheal where we settled in to a local pub for a couple of cups of coffee.
 We met with 'Kermit', our leader for the day, at the quarry car park at 2pm and then had to await the late Loz Appleby to arrive.
We had decided to give the girls until 2.30pm and they arrived with just a couple of minutes to spare!

All changed we headed off in to shatter cave with Kermit taking the lead. The caving itself was straight forward and we were soon ooohing and arrring at the decorated chambers as we made our way in through Diesel, Canopy and Tor chambers which had a distinctly continental feel to the formations. We then made our way through Pisa Passage with its odd shaped Stalagmite formation and finally to the stunning Pillar chamber.
On our return Keith took some video whilst I clicked away with the camera, and after just 4 hours we were making our way back to the cars.
 After a quick change we said our good byes to Kermit and headed off to Priddy to meet up with the others at the Queen Victoria for good food and company.

Chloe in Pillar Chamber

Loz in Pisa Passage

Mel in The Ring Road before Pillar Chamber

Present: Loz Appleby, Keith Edwards, Mel Bell, Mark Burkey and Chloe Burney.

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