Sunday 22 February 2015

Withyhill & Fernhill Caves

For our second day we were left with just Chloe, Jess and Myself.

Todays adventures would be in Withyhill cave and then a quick romp in to Fernhill.

We met for a very civilised 10am start with Martin, our trip leader for the day, at the quarry car park. The heavens opened as we changed and we were all glad to get out of the cold and wet and in to one of the prettiest caves in the quarry.
We took in Broken Curtain Chamber, Pearl Chamber, Elephant Trunk Chamber, Helictite Corner and Column Chamber via a mixture of walking, aqueous crawling before reaching the squeeze up in to green lake chamber. There had been some doubt as to if I'd manage to get through this awkward squeeze, but after a lot of pushing and wriggling I was finally in and I must say the view was well worth the effort! Fortunately getting out was actually easier than getting in and the rest of the trip was spent clicking away with the camera as we made our exit.

Fernhill was a short ladder climb to a single chamber which has some of the most stunning curtains I have ever seen. I was fortunate to be offered a chance of photographing these before we headed back out to more cold wet weather.

A great end to a fun weekend.

Chloe in Broken Curtain Chamber

Jess near Barabobath's Bath

Chloe in Green Lake Chamber

Martin at the Fernhill Curtains

Present: Chloe Burney, Jess Burkey & Mark Burkey

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